Dear Customer,
Thank you for visiting our website. It is difficult to convey all aspects of our nursery on the Internet, but hopefully this will give you a flovour of our set up, product range, and expertise.
All our customers are very welcome to attend hore at the nursery in order to inspect our extensive range of plants and our working procedures for themselves.
We have been producing a wide variety of trees since 1928, which have now been supplemented by roses in containers, light bushes and specimen plants, all grown on our 40ha site.
It is our intention to be fully conversant with our customers requirements and provide a complete plant purchasing service.
Our price enquiry procedure is very easy, simply send us a fax or e-mail with the plants you require, and we will quote the price and delivery rates.
Our expertisc and modern nursery equipment minimises the delivery times to our customers, in order to reduce the risk of damage and maintain the quality of our trees and plants. Digital photographs of the plants in which you are interested can be sent to yourself, so you can have a fuller appreciation of what you are ordering
We place as much emphasis on a high level of customer satisfaction as we do on the high quality of our trees and plants.
Schnitker + Temme GbR

Gründungsjahr: 1928
Kulturfläche: ca. 40ha, sowie ca. 1ha Containerproduktion
Kulturen: Alleebäume, Rosen, Obst, sol. Gehölze, Sträucher, Koniferen
Mitarbeiter: ca. 15, 2 Meister, 1 Techniker, mehrere Gesellen
Auszubildende: 2
Besonderheiten: vorwiegend mechanische Unkrautbekämpfung